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Magdalena Bay

View the migration of the California gray whales that come to Magdalena Bay to calve

Magdalena Bay is a series of lagoons sheltered from the Pacific Ocean by low barrier islands and is the world-renowned winter nursery grounds of the California Gray Whale. January through March, hundreds of gray whales mate and bear their young in these protected waters after traveling over 5000 miles from the Bering Strait.

The gray whale lagoons in Baja enjoy strict federal protection, and one can only whale watch with a licensed tour operator. You can watch the whales and their newly born calves up close from the safety of motorized skiffs. Breaching, spy-hopping and fluking, the whales will captivate your attention with their behavior.

You can observe gray whales and discover Magdalena Bay's diverse, fascinating ecosystem of windswept sand dunes, vibrant desert flora and mangrove-lined estuaries. Only Aventuras Baja has exclusive permission to camp on the island. Our five-day Gray Whales of Magdalena Bay whale watching tours include three-days at our safari-style base camp situated on a secluded beach at the center of whale activity. It is the perfect place to see the gray whales as they surface and blow right in front of our camp!